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Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a new favorite of mine, after having read it recently. I was thinking about it today and came across a list of songs that the book references. I made a playlist out of them and thought I'd share, for those who might be interested too.

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i was just wondering if anyone else has ever drove threw the fortpitt tunnel that leads to pittsbrugh at night its amazing and when he wrote about it in the perks it was a understatement

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I don't even think this community is active anymore, but I saw it and had to join. Just thinking about the book put an instant smile on my face. That may be dorky, but eh, whatever! Hehe.

This is definitely the most amazing book ever. Everyone I recommend it to loves it also. How can you not? There's so much feeling it. I think I'm going to go read mine for the 500th time. Haha. Bye! :D

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Semi perks related.

I just uploaded 44 The Smiths songs from the albums Meat is murder, the queen is dead, &louder than bombs onto YouSendIt &I've put them all up in my LJ.
If anyone is interested (which I figured some of you might be)
have fun with it Here
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in teh end, why is charlie in the hospetol?????????/ i am confused. and why was he naked on the couch????? they didnt say i dont think.